Development and production of items from composite materials
At a glance
Scientific and educational center
Educational programs for bachelors and masters, advanced training for employees of research centers and industrial enterprises.
Research labs
Own design bureau and advanced research laboratories allow us conduct advanced R&D in the field of composite materials.
Modern production technologies
We run experimental and small-scale production of products from composite materials.
Scientific and Educational Center for Aviation Composite Technologies
The Scientific and Educational Center for Aviation Composite Technologies at the Perm National Research Polytechnic University is engaged in research and development of new technologies for composite materials.

Prototypes are created in full size, can be tested as part of the end product - a propulsion system, a glider or other item.
Technologies and facilities
Manual prepreg layout
Producing complex shape products with minimal tooling.
Robotic prepreg layout
The robotic Coriolis Composites complex for automated prepreg laying out allows laying out up to 8 prepreg tapes 6.35 mm wide. The robotic complex has a working area of Ø 3.5 x 3 m and 6 degrees of freedom.
Production of sound absorbing structures
We apply various techniques for producing SAS.
Vacuum infusion
Impregnation by vacuum infusion allows to produce heavy equipment in a short time with minimum cost. We use vacuum infusion technology in small batch production.
Pressure prepreg impregnation
The technology of impregnation under pressure allows producing items with complex geometric shapes.
Mathematical modeling of processes in composite materials and structures
Mathematical modeling of processes and damages in PCM is carried out on modern equipment using powerful software systems to calculate the strength, durability and service life of composite structures.
Non-destructive testing of products from composite materials
Our non-destructive testing laboratory conducts research on structures made of composite materials using various technologies. Two industrial tomographs of our own design allow us to investigate large-sized parts and products.
Embedding fiber optic sensors in the structure of a composite material
We are developing the process of embedding fiber-optic sensors in the structure of products and parts made of composite materials.
Advanced equipment
Coriolis Composites Robotic System
The complex is used for automatic prepreg layout, including large-sized structures.
Scholz Autoclave Complex
The dimensions of the working area of the autoclave complex are ø3x4 m, which makes it possible to use the autoclave for production of large-sized products from composite materials.
Contourfive NC 1200 machining center
The portal 5-axis Berton Contourfive NC 1200 machining center equipped for processing composite materials.
Testing machines
We use ATS 2330 testing machines, as well as the Zwick / Roell Z100 ProLine universal testing machine.
Other equipment
We also has a variety of other equipment that allow us conducting projects in the field of composite materials:

  • Zund G3 L-2500 plotter
  • ISIS mobile 3100 scherography system
  • IsoJet RTM molding machines;
  • KSV -0.4-3.4 drying chamber;
  • Vacmobiles Infusion 20/2 installation;
  • Langzauner LZT-120-SO molding press;
  • LPT 5 laser projector;
  • Universal measuring complex based on a multi-channel analyzer;
  • HARFANG-VEO phased array ultrasonic monitoring system;
  • UD2N-PM low-frequency ultrasonic flaw detector;
  • DAMI-S portable impedance flaw detector;
  • Corsair portable two-channel analyzer of vibration signals;
  • Phoenix LF-1 binder dispensing system.

And other equipment.
Our services
Design and development of production technologies
Development of large-sized constructions from composite materials in the NX software package. Modeling reinforcement patterns and designing a layer package using Fibersim software. Modeling of automated calculation of large-sized composite structures using CADFiber software. Strength analysis of composite structures using the ANSYS software package.
Small batch production
The production process is carried out in a modern facility, specially equipped for working with composite materials.
Pilot production
Experiments items and parts are created in full size and can be tested as part of a full-scale product.
Production of master models
For the manufacture of master models, plates and pastes made of polymeric materials are used. The machining is carried out on the Contourfive NC 1200 complex.
Robotic prepreg layout
The robotic Coriolis Composites complex for automated prepreg laying allows large-sized structures to be laid out up to Ø3 x 3 m in size from a unidirectional carbon fiber strip.
Manual prepreg layout
The technology of manual prepreg layout allows to obtain large-sized products with dimensions up to Ø2.5 x 3 m. Complex shape items are produced with minimal tooling.
Scientific and Educational Center for Aviation Composite Technologies

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